Moorland Woodcraft

A selection of my work.

Please contact me if you wish to buy any of my work or commission me to make anything

Item Ref No 001

Sycamore hollow form 18” high. This came from a sawmill in Cornwall. The vase is finished in wax.


Burr Yew

Item Ref No 002

Bowl in Burr Yew. This tree came down in a storm and when sawn was seen to be over 800 years old.SOLD

Salted Hornbeam

Item Ref No 003

Fruit bowl in ‘Spalted’ Hornbeam with walnut foot. The Hornbeam came from Trelissick Estate. The finish is wax paste with a final carnauba wax buffing.

Item Ref No 004

Dipping platter 15” diameter in Ash. This timber was from a tree that grew on an Estate in Cornwall and came down in a storm a few years ago. The ceramic centre is removable for cleaning. It is finished in ‘food safe’ wax. SOLD

John Brooks

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